Off my needles

Hat #18 is finished. This one also has great texture although it would show up a little better in a lighter colored yarn … as would the texture from the previous hat.

I chose to knit the brim in a K1P1 rib rather than a broken rib. I also believe there is an error in the instructions for the crown decreases. I did follow the pattern but my count was off where the pattern jumps between K5, K2tog to K3, K2tog and I believe there should be a K4, K2tog in there. Reading some of the comments from others who knit this hat, they also questioned the same issue. Next time I will add in the “missing” line.


  1. Love this one! All of the hats are wonderful! Wish I could knit. I’ve tried several times with no luck. I do however know how to crochet. Could you suggest any good crochet hat patterns?

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