More fall photos

It was a gorgeous day here in North Georgia. Finn had to repeat a vaccination and spend an hour under observation so I sat out by the lake while I was waiting for him to be done at the Vet.

When we were arriving back home, we had to wait for the turkeys to cross the road. I only caught 4 on camera in this shot but were 10 of them! I LOVE the tree canopy on our street.

The backyard is a blaze of color now.


  1. We used to live in a neighborhood whose streets were lined by cathedral elms. They were beautiful, and the canopy of shade was wonderful in summertime. One by one over the 28 years we lived there, they nearly all succumbed to Dutch Elm disease, leaving the neighborhood looking patchy and forlorn. I cried the day our elm tree was cut down and hauled away.

  2. Beautiful scenery everywhere you look. We lived for 18 years on a street with a similar canopy of big trees. It was so pretty in the fall, and in the summer too. It was a lovely shady street.

  3. The turkeys brought back memories of our last trip to Vermont. My niece’s home is near a cemetery and the road to the entrance is canopied and we go when the colors are changing. Thanks for the memory association.

  4. Had to laugh at your photo of the turkeys. I wish I had done the same thing the other day when a flock of about 30 crossed the road as I was driving past an apple orchard. They seem to need to walk single file, so it took quite a long time for them all to pass. “Only in Vermont,” I thought. Now I see that they are on the move everywhere!

  5. Such beautiful fall pictures. Can’t wait to see what your winter will be like. I also had turkeys yesterday in CA. I live just a few blocks from the American River and we typically see turkeys all year long, but not this past super hot summer. Yesterday I opened the door to get the mail and my front yard had about a dozen HUGE turkeys. I should go out there this morning and check for feathers.

  6. It’s really very pretty there right now. The glow of the sunshine through leaves is my favorite part of the autumn season.

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