Veteran’s Day

Today we honor and thank all those who have served in the US Military. Both my father (the sailor) and my father-in-law served our country and I think of them both today with gratitude for their service and the service of all our veterans.

Do you make quilts for Veteran’s? I know many of you are involved in donation quilting like I am and I try to make and donate a couple Red/White/Blue quilts each year. I also draft a lot of the quilts on my website in RWB and offer the instructions for free. You can find them at this link – in most cases you’ll need to scroll down for the RWB versions. A few of my favorites are below.

I’ve made my Patriotic Rail fence several times using different stars for the top (and bottom) border.

Click here for the instructions

Double 4 Patch

Click here for instructions

RWB Half Square Triangles – this one was inspired by a vintage quilt I found on eBay.

Click here for instructions

RWB HeartStrings

Click here for instructions


  1. Those are so pretty!! My husband is a Vietnam veteran and I have a beautiful patriotic quilt kit I need to make for him. I have had it a few years and it seems to always get left behind. I need to get it out of the closet and get it done!!!!! We are not getting any younger.

  2. My two sewing groups both make quilts for service members and veterans. I’ve pieced many tops for Quilts of Valor and sometimes just bind ones others have made. We are fortunate to be near one of the Minnick and Simpson sisters who are long time Americana quilters and fabric designers. They graciously donate scraps from time to time which we turn into Quilts of Valor. My other group makes quilts for a local/regional veterans organization. The sizes are a little smaller than the twin sizes preferred by QOV and easier for me to manage with my achy hands. I’ve bummed your patterns from time to time for these quilts as the sizes are perfect for this group of vets. Thanks much for sharing so many!

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