I confess

I have been very good for the most part about not ordering fabric or yarn this year … except fabric for quilt backings … but I’m falling off the wagon a bit. You saw that table with the hat yarn piled up that I just posted right? So why did I feel the need to buy more hat yarn? Yep … the sales sucked me in, again. I just can’t resist a bargain. I’ll definitely need to make Autumn my “annual hat knitting season”! I’ve still got through the end of November to add to my list of finishes but this is what my project page on Ravelry looks like right now with the first 20 done.

I know some of you are knitters out there – hopefully you’ve been finding some new patterns to try along with me.


  1. I’ve saved some of the patterns you’ve shared, thanks. Sometimes I look at an easy pattern and then try to change it a bit. Mine are all 2 strands of different colours so they do look different and I’m just finishing #6 of my latest challenge. Thanks again for sharing all your links – happy knitting 🙂

  2. I am enjoying all your hats and sharing the patterns, I got a lot of yarn this summer from a friend and have been trying to make hats and always appreciate new patterns.

  3. Would you please crochet a few hats? I’m a beginner and could use a little help and inspiration. I do not knit. Thanks so much.
    Jo Anne

  4. Just WOW is all I can say!! I love the patterns you pick out for your hats, I just wish I could knit. Well, I can knit but not very well and it is very frustrating for me. I just crochet instead but not hats. I think knitted hats look nicer.

  5. Even though i can no longer knit, I love seeing all your projects! I especially like that Spring hat…so pretty with that band on it…lovely works
    hugs, Julierose ;D

  6. I’m not as fast at knitting as you are, but I am having a blast doing the different hat projects that you’ve shared. I enjoy knitting, for the most part, but don’t enjoy doing large projects (sweaters, wraps, blankets) so these hats are perfect. I like the challenge of knitting two-at-a-time socks and have several pairs of them. Have tried mittens, but all-in-all, I’m enjoying the hats. Thank you for sharing! I also crochet and have a real easy pattern that an aunt showed me how to do. She couldn’t read a pattern, so someone would have had to have shown her how to do it. You crochet a rectangle and sew the long sides together. Gather one end for the top and flip the open end up as the cuff. Those I can make easily in an evening. I crochet a chain of 40-45 (depending on thickness of yarn), double crochet in third chain to the end. Ch3, turn, work dc in BACK LOOP across to the end. Repeat this row until you get the size you want. Slip stitch the long side together, leave a 10″ tail and weave around opening, pull tight, knot off and weave in ends. Working the crochet into the back loops gives the hat some elasticity/stretch. ~Mindy

  7. I love all of your hats! I too have fallen victim to the sales. Yesterday it was fabric and batting. I expect there will be more clearance sales as the year closes out. It’s hard to resist the prices especially when I have a great place to donate the yarn if/when it gets out of hand!

  8. I haven’t knit since May and I haven’t found my yarn/needles since we moved over the summer. No sales are going to lure me in!! I do appreciate the pattern links you’ve been providing, Mary.

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