I’ve said it before but I just don’t understand people letting their cats run around loose out here! It’s been almost couple weeks since the coyote visited but he stuck around a while last night. The cat and raccoons were out there before him but the other videos were from earlier in the week. And I’m pretty sure that one video out front is a fox but I’m used to seeing a different view of him in the back


  1. I like your videos. The cats may not belong to anyone. I have a feral cat that I feed everyday. It is not friendly, but I feel sad for it, so I feed it. It shows up every day for dinner. I take all the food it doesn’t eat back into the mud room so the raccoons, possum, skunks don’t come and think they are going to eat too! This feral cat has lived around our place for years now. A plus of having this feral is I have no mice or rats around.

  2. The cat may be what we call a semi feral. Born wild and someone acclimated him to people. They don’t generally stay inside. Love your backyard menagerie.

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