I kind of wanted to sit and knit tonight but after a couple days of being lazy I decided it was time to make some progress. I pieced a backing and loaded the next top to be quilted on the longarm and I got the binding sewn on and hand stitched down on the 16 patch quilt.

While there’s nothing difficult about piecing a 16 patch quilt, I like this variation because it’s easy to use fat quarters and with the larger blocks, it goes quickly. 

I found a free pattern online for this quilt several years ago but that blog is no longer active. After a lot of searching, I found an archived link but I have no idea how long it will be active so if you are interested, make sure you save a copy for yourself.

St Louis 16 Patch –

The backing is a flannel fish print – doesn’t it look good? I love finding the perfect backing in my stash.


  1. Thanks for including the link to the post on making this quilt. Your quilt has such pretty colors, and you are right about the backing being perfect!

  2. Love the back and quilt together, I always like to see the back you use, because they good together so well.

  3. Hi Mary,
    Such a cute quilt! Quick question- do you prewash your flannel before using it for backing? I worry about flannel shrinking too much…Have you found this to be a problem?

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