Off my needles

Hat #22 – the whole time I was knitting this I was second guessing myself. I’ve knit this hat with a fold up brim a couple times but I decided I’d try the version without a fold up brim. It’s all 2×2 ribbing and while I’ve made many hats with a fold up brim that are all ribbed, I’ve never done one without like this. I was afraid it would look odd or be too loose round the face. I think I was wrong. It turned out OK.

  • Pattern – Sandoval Hat found free on Ravelry – see last page of the pattern for the version without the fold up brim.
  • Needle size – 9
  • Yarn – Paintbox Simply Aran
  • Cast on 80 and knit to 7.5 inches before starting crown decreases.

I knit the bulk of this one Saturday night watching the Lightning win against the FL Panthers …. And it just so happens to be Lightning blue too!


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