#20 of 21 is quilted – this Happy Block group top is one sent to me by AnnG to finish and donate. Pantograph is Ivy Vine. This was the first time I’d used this one and I won’t be using it again. I could not get it to nestle in a way that I liked without gaps in the quilting. I thought I had it close but when I stitched it out, the gaps were larger than I wanted so I filled in with some rows of freehand loops. It makes the overall quilting busier than I’d like but between all the pink fabrics and the heart quilting I’m sure some little girl will love it.

I’ve got 3 waiting for binding now but it’s been a busy day and I’m going to relax and knit tonight. I’ll get to the binding tomorrow.


  1. #20 of 21??? You are a dynamo! A lofty goal, but achievable with your dedication. Now, if only I could do that…..

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