1. Hi Mary! I love how you pulled the unicorns into the borders. There will be some child who will be tickled pink to receive this quilt and to be covered in your love. Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Beautiful quilts and you are almost done. I’m so glad I followed your lead about getting quilt tops quilted, I’m not as efficient as you but I did get many done.

  3. Good morning Mary. I love the 3 one yard books. I think I have them all. I too get a little more fabric mainly because I like a double fold binding. Their quilts are the perfect size for cancer patients receiving treatment and that’s where the majority of my quilts go.

    I also love seeing your cam videos of your nightly visitors. We only catch a glimpse of them around my house.

  4. So cute! I did pillowcases for my niece’s little girl in Australia with that unicorn fabric. And then both of my granddaughters got masks made from the leftover unicorns.

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