365 Block Challenge

Another goal accomplished! Today I finished the last 7 blocks I needed to meet my HeartStrings 365 block challenge for the year. I thought I was going to set these blocks aside and make the other ones for this quilt at the start of the new year but once I dragged everything out … I decided to keep it all out and continue on to make a set of 48 Strips and Strings log cabin blocks. I have a bunch of shorter strings all ready to go and a log cabin block is perfect for using them.

I also started another hat to work on while I watch the hockey game tonight. And look at the photo Becky sent today… I love seeing them use the hats I make for them and Becky is so good about sharing photos with me.


  1. I am sitting here in my corner cheering you on Mary looks like you will make your goal.
    Lovely photo of your people wearing your hats. I love receiving photos of my family members wearing stuff I have made for them

  2. Becky knows the value of the effort you put into things and the time you spend to make your family work and appreciates it. Not something a lot of people get anymore.

  3. I also love seeing my “gifts” being used by the grandkids, and the adults. I was thinking the same as the comment above – your DIL know the effort and the love put into things.

    The string blocks at my house seem to have taken a break while I finish some other things, but I plan to get back to them soon.

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