1. It is the epitome of the very concept of why quilting is important to so many. Waste not ,want not. Use everything and its function may be much more important than appealing to everyone. One person out there will receive this quilt and just by the fact that it is gifted to them it will be the most beautiful quilt ever. It will be petted and hugged. It will warm both body and heart. It is love expressed in cloth.

  2. Looks just like mine which I just finished sewing together. Love the fact that it is so colorful and cheerful. Also love that I used several small pieces of fabric to completion. I have royal blue tonal flannel for the back to make it toasty warm. All thanks to your inspiration!!

  3. I love all things scrappy! Your rail fence will bring warmth and comfort to just the right person 😁

  4. That is a great scrappy quilt. It has a nice masculine vibe to it, and looks warm and cozy even before it’s quilted. It will be loved.

  5. Once I finish setting up my quilt room (we just bought this house recently) I’m looking forward to making one of these for ME. Love scrappy quilts – and since I’ve been quilting over 45 years, I have a lot of scraps (and precuts made from some of those scraps). Thanks for sharing – always enjoy your blog!

  6. Love it!!! I love the scrappy look too, and would love to make one someday. I’m still trying to get Christmas projects done. I’m hoping to have more sewing time in the new year.

  7. Love this. I need to get going and put some of my leftover scraps to good use. Thanks for showing it here.

  8. I like it too and think this will be my next string project, using various widths. The regularity and orderliness of the alternating squares makes all those different scraps play nice together.

  9. I love it Mary, it’s really pretty. I’m ready to make one of these next year when I get back from Texas. Sure have enough scraps.

  10. Mary, in January I made a couple of scrap quilts, and I don’t do scrappy at all! They are ugly with a capital U. But someone needs them! I have not gotten them quilted yet-maybe next January!

  11. It is a great quilt. I love scrappy and have recently finished one like you make for your Heart Strings group. You do great work!

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