Donation day!

I was able to get a bunch of things donated today. It’s nice to move them along to someone in need.

  • 4 “girl” quilts for donation via the Big Canoe quilt guild
  • 13 knit scarves
  • 38 knit hats

Big Canoe is having a coat drive and I wrote the coordinator and asked if they could use hats and scarves too and she was thrilled to receive them.

I still have 15 quilts to wash and get donated via the local guild within the next week or two.


  1. Well done on all your hard work. I’m just finishing Beanie #14. I’m also sewing some Potter bunting, ready for an Xmas present. Like you, I’ve always got something to keep my hands busy 🙂

    • Mary I think we should cal” you Wonder Woman’ I am amazed how much you get done each month…well done! Everything is so lovely you should be proud of yourself.

  2. Thank you on behalf of those people who will receive your labors of love. People who are giving and kind make a huge difference in our world. Thank you. Since it is giving Tuesday I was waiting to make a donation to an obscure charity that is highly relevant to a dear friend and by 230 nothing. I went and sewed thinking my first year in 10 years that I missed donating. Checked in at 420 and the request was there. Not as involved as you but I do small stuff in the background.

  3. Wow! You are amazing. I hope to try some of the hat patterns that you made, albeit at a much slower pace.

  4. Love your generous spirit, Mary! It’s like you’re giving someone a hug with your quilt/ scarf/ hat.
    I don’t know about you, but I enjoy giving these quilts as much as I enjoy making them.

  5. Awesome! You have the most generous soul. I’m in total agreement with the comment above that donating and giving away the quilts, and hats bring enjoyment to the maker as well as the recipients.

  6. It’s wonderful that you found a local place to donate! I’m guessing that you have emptied at least 1 bin of yarn. Meanwhile I have a TON arriving tomorrow thanks to a Joann 60% off on Lion Brand Anti-pilling. I’m insane.

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