Off my needles

Hat #35 is a variation of the Cobblestone pattern and I used up another partial skein.

  • Pattern – variation of the CobbleStone pattern found free on Ravelry
    • For the body of the hat just repeat rows 1-4 and make the appropriate changes when decreasing.
  • Needle size – 6 for the ribbed brim, 7 for the body
  • Yarn – Knit Picks Mighty Stitch

I was tempted to cast on another hat but decided it’s time to make a blanket so I started hooking it while we watch the Lightning game.

There will be more hats knit here and there but I’m calling the hat knitting marathon finished with 35 hats made.

5 thoughts on “Off my needles

  1. WOW! That is some hat marathon you and Stephanie are on. You’ve moved me to use some leftover ‘college color’ yarn and try one. I doubt I have knitted a hat in 30 years. Could be a new problem-er hobby.

    In the past 6 weeks I have completed 14 flimsies and 13 are quilted with binding hand stitching finished! Yesterday I finished knitting a scarf for myself and this morning weaved in all the ends.

    Happy knitting and happy quilting!

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