Christmas Stocking

I bought the stocking die last year and never got around to using it so I decided to give it a try. I don’t like the instructions that came with the die and adapted them some but I definitely need to look at some stocking patterns and see if I can make some improvements. This one will do however … it’s just meant to hold a few small gifts. I only have plans to make one more this year but I feel like this could be a good donation project down the road.


  1. This stocking looks a really good size. Quite often, I see stockings made up that are too narrow and I always wonder what items will actually fit in them? I like yours, Mary 🙂

  2. Several years ago our guild made stockings for a charity that helps the students of our local school district. It is a fairly big stocking – I did alter the pattern some – straightened out some of the lines. I made a cardstock pattern, drew that on batting and then lining then Christmas fabric. I made a little over 100 and the whole guild made some too. We felt every child deserved a stocking at Mom’s house, at Dad’s house, and sometimes at Grandma’s house. This year I made 46 for a charity that works down on the border. I am out of Christmas fabric so will have to do something else. But it did feel good. Good luck on your project.

  3. Fun stocking, Mary! My quilt group made a number of stockings a few years ago. We sent them to troops in Iraq who got very little mail from home. One of our members had a connection with their commander and we were happy to help.

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