Animals on quilts

I read a post today about someone wanting to gift a quilt but not wanting the recipient’s animals on it … not going to happen around here. Finn is a big fan of sitting on quilts. This was him relaxing downstairs today while the appliance repair guy was here.

And you know we are very competitive and like our card and board games… we hadn’t played Upwords in years until a week or so ago … now it seems to be an almost nightly activity. I’m about 4 games ahead!

And since we’re staying at my brother’s house when we go to Virginia for Mom’s birthday, I sent them Five Crowns via Amazon just in case we have a free evening to play!


  1. My favorite quilt story is about a quilt I made for a little boy. Hundreds of hours of effort because of intricate machine embroidery. His mom was going to hang it and I threw a hissy fit. About 2 years later I went to their house and grandma said show her the quilt. The mom was mortified. Seemed he liked to drag it into the yard while his mom worked in the garden and with the animals. It was dirty but loved and that made me happy. My quilts once given o ly have one stipulation and that is don’t hang it. I want quilts I make to be enjoyed. Animals dirt food and fun thrill me if yhey make the recipient happy.

  2. I have to laugh when I hear about makers making demands of the recipients of their quilts. If the recipient is “worthy” of the quilt, we have to let it go! I had a friend who took back a quilt her daughter used as a picnic blanket. Took it back! Yikes. My critters have always shared my quilts with me. I’d say that’s a lovely stamp of approval.

  3. Karlin likes to be on the quilt but would prefer now that the weather is colder here in CT to be under the quilt. Not on the quilt not happening here. Karlin sleeps in bed with me, he also sleeps on the bed in the room I use for sewing, in his spot with his blanket so he doesn’t move any of the fabric around to make himself cozy, oh the life of a 12 year old spoiled dog.

  4. My hope is that my gifted quilts get used and loved so much that I get a future frantic phone call about needing a repair, ha!

  5. My quilts are all lived on and loved by kids and animals. No problem! I’m just glad they use them and want more when those are faded and worn out. My friends and I love playing Five Crowns and I gave it to my grandkids last year. Hoping we play a little on Christmas. I’ll have to look into Upword.

  6. Dogs and quilts was a little hard for me to get over, even though I have a very loved and spoiled dog myself. That was in the beginning of my quilting journey at 62 yrs old. Now 12 yrs later I’m all for it as long as the dog is not one to dig and dig in the quilt to get comfy. But once I gift the quilt it is theirs to do what they want with it. That was also hard to accept at first but I have since changed my attitude and devotion to getting the quilt absolutely perfect. My new mantra is…”It is what it is”. Saves my sanity and my feelings. I just gifted my son a golf quilt after he spent 4 months in the hospital and rehab fighting Covid. They have a digger dachshund but I know the quilt is very loved and…It is what it is!! And I am very thankful he survived and is back home continuing his recovery. Love your game nights and competitiveness!!!

  7. Had to laugh. Quilts have animal magnets in them lol. I agree with everyone that has posted I want my quilts to be used.

  8. Anyone with animals in their home will let them sit on their quilts. Rather a silly expectation. I would rather a replacement for a quilt used up than find it folded and tucked high on a shelf.

    Oh how I wish my husband enjoyed playing games. He wasn’t raised that way and he just can’t get into it. Such a bummer 🙁 But after 41 years, I’ll keep him anyway 🙂

  9. I made quilts for my niece’s two-year old twins this fall and she wrote me that they use them every night and that they love them. It makes my heart glad when quilts are loved and used. Your blue donation quilt is so pretty. I like the house print fabric in the quilt.

  10. I give my quilts with instructions to do whatever they want with them, I have a friend going through an unpleasant divorce I even told her that she had my permission to burn her wedding quilt if it made her feel better. Instead she took off the label and donated it to a local charity. I don’t care how many pets sleep on my quilts!

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