We arrived in Virginia yesterday afternoon — the drive was OK, rainy off and on and my sciatica acted up as expected but we didn’t run into any traffic delays which was good.

We’re staying at Kevin’s house so we picked up Mom on the way and I dropped off all of her quilts and supplies and the HST “kit” I cut so she can piece blocks for my sister’s quilt. I also picked up a bag of goodies that she made for me but I’ll wait until I get home to go through and show them all to you.

I did get some knitting done on the drive … I made more progress than shown below.

And Thursday night before we left … I started another blanket while we watched the Lightning game … I just can’t sit and watch without working on something!

Mom’s party is today – a scaled down version with just her 6 children and their spouses … all of us vaccinated. It’s a shame that we can’t have the entire family here but there are lots of grandkids, great grandkids, and extended family and it’s just too many people and too much risk right now. When it’s safer (and warmer), we’ll have a larger outdoor gathering.


  1. Good to know you made the trip there safely. I am sure all the rest of the family understands about the party. Perhaps you can do something in the early summer before it gets to warm. Enoy your Mom and family. I am sure you will keep busy while you are at your brothers and enjoy the time spent with your Mother and siblings.

  2. Enjoy that family time!! Waiting to have the extended family join the fun when you can do it outside is a good idea. And it’s something more to look forward to.

  3. I totally empathize with your sciatic flare up…I am still hoping that by Christmas (since last June I’ve had it!!) it will have calmed down enough for me to be able to “do things” for myself. So difficult not being independent–but so thankful that my “Sweet Baboo” stepped right up and took over…he is a darling…I’ve taken out my old knitting stash and am going to begin a pair of socks…
    I will be casting on today–it’s been many years since I’ve knit so we’ll see how I manage…
    I love that golden color you are beginning your blanket with….–what yarn is it? Looks like worsted weight? ;D
    Hugs and hope you feel better…Julierose

  4. Glad the trip was bearable and as my doctor said when my back acted up –
    be as normal as you can. Hope everything is wonderful.

  5. I also suffer from sciatic on long car rides. It is so painful and annoying!! Love the colors of your new afghan. Is that the linen stitch? I need to get started on mine. Have a fun trip and Happy Birthday to your mother!! Such a gem she is!!!

  6. Happy that you are safely there. There has been some wicked weather in some spots.This is a good time for close relationships to thrive, and safety is a prime consideration in all that we do. Have fun

  7. So glad you arrived safely!! For everyone’s safety, your scaled down party was the best. I hope your sciatica stops. I get it several times a year — BUT, thank God, it only lasts a few hours and I am able to walk it out. I can’t imagine being stuck in a car in pain that I couldn’t do anything about.

    Love your Mandala choice. I am almost finished an asymetrical scarf with that exact yarn. Enjoy your family (I know you always do!). And a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mom!!

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