I might NOT get through my list this month thanks to some distractions …. First the stockings and now reading pillows. I’ve never made a pillow before but was really happy with how the first one came out. The plan is to have two done by Xmas … and eventually do a couple more so each of the kids have one. It has a front pocket to hold a book and an envelope back.

I used the instructions from this website and they were pretty easy to follow — CLICK here .
I did not put the ribbon loop on it called for in the pattern.

The 2nd pillow has been cut out but not sewn yet.


  1. Very cute and some little person will love the pillow and the book. I made these and tucked in books for my grandkids a few years ago. Ended up making them for co-workers grandkids too. The kids all loved them.

  2. As a former first grade teacher, I love these pillows and have made a few for the budding readers in my life. I like how yours turned out and how you personalized them with your fabric choices. I’m sure the kids will love them too.

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