What’s in the bag?

I came home with goodies and unpacked the bags this morning. First one is from Mom.

A runner for the dresser in my guest room. We bought the bedroom furniture with the house and it’s nice, sturdy furniture but the top of the dresser was scratched up. Mom made me a runner for it. It was folded up so it’s not “wavy” but if the folds don’t relax I’ll give it a light press.

She also made me some oven mitts from the GO die I’d bought her, some small zippered bags for my knitting tools, and set of appliqué hearts for me to make another Log Cabin Hearts quilt. I appliquéd the hearts I used on the first quilt, I’ve already pieced and donated a second quilt and I’ve got another set of hearts here ready to use … this makes set #3 she has appliquéd for me.

You get to see the “work” I do for Mom on the blog – kitting up projects, quilting tops, drafting patterns for her … but she’s always doing/making things for me in return. Our partnership has gone on 21 years so far and I’m hoping we have many more! The bag also contained a couple tops I’m going to quilt for her…

….and it held leftover fabric from projects she’s already completed. I love that I’m able to share my generous stash with her for some of her projects and she always returns the leftovers. Some of it is yardage and some of it just helps feed my scrap bins! She even returns the plastic bags that I use to kit up her projects so that I can reuse them.


  1. Hi Mary! Everything about this post just makes me smile. You and your Mom make a fabulous team. I just LOVE that she sends back the extra fabrics and the bags. Fill ‘er up! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I just love your mother!! She is amazing and so are you, and you make a great team! What a blessing for you both…and the lucky recipients of all your quilts and afghans.

  3. You do have an awesome quilting partnership with your mom. And obviously you both enjoy it. The dresser runner is perfect for your house in the woods. I got a kick out of the empty bags – just ready to be filled up.

  4. Your mom remembers the stories of the depression and knows that everything has value. We will be headed back to that I fear.

  5. How sweet to be sharing this with your Mum. Yes, I remember rare plastic bags and that rare newspaper. They were saved, and catalogs were a precious paper source. Have a Happy Holidays.

  6. Such wonderful gifts. I think she must be like my mom and grandma in that you save everything, I inherited that gene too! Glad you had a great trip.

  7. The give and take between you and your mom is beautiful and so refreshing to read about. The best part is that you both appreciate and value what you have in your relationship. What a precious gift to each other!

  8. It warms my heart each time you share about your relationship you have with your mom. Whether you write about common interests of quilting or sitting down with your mom and other family members to Plat cards, it shows you mutual love and respect you have for each other. It reminds me of the close relationship I had with my mother as we shared some common interests and enjoyed playing card games as well, although she didn’t share my joy of quilting. Thats okay though as we still had a special connection in other ways. She passed away 7 years ago and I still hold on to those memories. Thanks for sharing your.

  9. Love seeing what your mom works on and how you help each other. Yea for recycling the plastic bags too. I have a whole basket of plastic bags in my studio that I drag out whenever I need a bag.

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