Slow progress

I had errands to run this afternoon and I picked up the photos for this year’s Christmas ornaments. The selection at Michael’s was very limited but I found two I like. Everything else is ready to stuff in stockings or gift bags. We don’t do a lot of Christmas gift giving, preferring to contribute to an investment fund for the grandkids and make a charitable donation to Habitat for Humanity but I do like to have a few little things for the kids.

When I got home I trimmed and got the bindings sewn on and ready to hand stitch down on two quilts. They have a much better chance of being finished now before we leave on Monday to see Adam and the kids.

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  1. I imagine every store is low on items this year. But you sure found some lovely ornaments for those little ones who aren’t so little any more! Happy holidays. Safe travels.

    San / Gypsy Quilter Designs

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