I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about my previous life … but yesterday marked 40 years since my first marriage. Where did the time go? Years ago I gave the wedding album to Chris – it contains photos of many of his family members on both sides and I’d saved it (rather than burning it) knowing that one day he’d want it. I did however scan and save a copy of this photo of me with my parents. I don’t have many photos of Dad, he was always the family photographer and he died 33 years ago this month.

The marriage lasted five years – just long enough to give me Chris and Adam … and I thank God every day that we found Keith.


  1. I have a similar story, but carried one child from my first marriage and have two with my second husband. I think it takes a special person to take on someone else’s child, and I’m so very grateful to my favorite husband for being that guy. Our three sons are each other’s best friends, regardless of who their parents are.
    That’s a darling picture, Mary! Thanks for sharing it, and your history.

  2. I bet Keith is thankful every day that y’all found him too! You seem to have such a good partnership. Regarding your lack of pictures of your father, it’s a good reminder that we all need to be sure to take pictures of our selves WITH our children and grandchildren. In their times of reflection, it’s important they have photos to look at and see evidence of our relationship with each of them. Especially important when some one is ill or sad. We all need to let others take the photos more often.

  3. That is a wonderful photo of you and your parents. And you and Keith found each other, which was meant to be. I’m sure that your sons appreciate having the old photos.

    I just had a similar conversation with a friend here – a marriage that lasted less than a year, but resulted in a really amazing daughter. My friend got custody of his daughter, and later met and married a great gal to complete their family.

  4. It is a wonderful picture of your Mom, Dad and you. You should treasure it. How fortunate you are for the family you made with Keith and your sons. My mother’s stepfather was her beloved father and me and my siblings beloved grandfather. I am sure that it is the same for Keith.

  5. Love this picture of you and your folks. A real treasure even though the marriage didn’t last in the long term. You and Keith have wonderful grandkids. He’s been a great “step” father and grandpa.

  6. You look so beautiful, it’s great you kept that particular picture with your parents and you. I kept my photo album for a long time then gave it to my daughter. I ended up giving the dress to Goodwill. I don’t go down old memory road either, it’s in the past and I’m living in today. I love the pictures of your grandchildren and I expect you are going to have a great week.

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