You may know that Caleb is a bit dinosaur obsessed based on the stocking and reading pillow fabric I chose to use. The last time he visited he asked what my favorite dinosaur was … Maiasaura … the good mother lizard! Years and years ago his father was also obsessed with dinosaurs and one of the books we had was about Maia. Caleb made a gift for me based on my favorite dino. Isn’t it amazing? He sculpted the dino from clay, painted it and created the environment.

I have a special relationship with him in part because he’s like his father in so many ways. Last night he had a sleepover with us at the hotel.

He brought one of his stocking stuffers we’d given him to work on ….

And by the time Adam came to get him today, he’d painted and assembled it.


  1. Wow! That is awesome, Mary. So very thoughtful as well as creative. I bet his teachers love to have him in their class. I hope you have a nice visit with your family and a nice Christmas too.

  2. So much talent which is aided and encouraged by his parents! You have been given such a special treasure.

  3. Don’t see much about Caleb. I know what I know from things you make for him. This is a fun introduction to his interests and abilities and seeing him just being a boy makes me realize he is full of love, intelligent and artistic.

  4. Caleb definitely has artistic skills. What a sweet gift for you! Glad you got some “Caleb” time together.

  5. Caleb is very artistic. Like his father. He is also very thoughtful. My grandson loves anything dinosaur too, like I did when I was in grade school.

  6. Caleb has made such a creative gift of love with the fav dino. What a treat to have him spend some special time with you. Wishing you all a happy and healthy Christmas season,

  7. Caleb sure has his Dad’s artistic talent. Such a cute display he made for you, and I love his painted dinosaur! It looks like you all are enjoying your time together. Merry Christmas!

  8. sounds like he is very talented and he listens. Amazing qualities. He sounds very special. what a sweety.

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