Big Canoe Eagles

There’s a small island in the lake at the end of our street (where I kayak) called Eagle Island. It’s covered in trees and you can see it off to the right in the photo of Keith below.

I’ve seen the eagles flying over the area a time or two but haven’t ever seen one of them up close. One of the BC residents captured this photo of them recently – aren’t they gorgeous?

Photo by Mark Green


  1. What a beautiful photo of the eagles! We have seen an eagle in our area from time to time, but only flying high in the sky and not perched somewhere to take a photo. I’m glad you have a place you can enjoy nature. ❤️

  2. I agree Mary that they are beautiful. We have a fairly large number of them on our shore, and at times they sit and sun on the sandbars in front of my cottage. However we remember that they are birds of prey, and every year cottagers lose a couple of pet cats and the occasional small dog to their hunting. These animals would be less than 11 pounds, so they are at risk. This doesn’t detract from the magnificence of the birds, but it is a caution to the unwary.

  3. Love the photo. Paul and I drive through a seashore area that has eagles. I hope you see them often because there is such majesty in their presence.

  4. I love eagles!! We have quite a few in the Pacific Northwest and have a couple that fly above our house often. We live near a small lake and that is their home. Gorgeous birds!!!

  5. Your neighbor’s eagle photo is amazing. We see them fairly often along the river here. When my girls were in middle school, the bus driver that drove the shuttle bus to the middle school would stop the bus and point out the bald eagles to the kids whenever he saw them.

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