2021 Summary

Overall I’m very pleased with what I accomplished this year with my quilting, crochet, and knitting and this was all on top of making a major move from Tampa to Big Canoe.

Quilted – 67
• 2 were my quilts that I gifted to family
• 11 were tops pieced by Mom or my Aunt
• 35 were my quilts for donation
• 13 were tops pieced by my HeartStrings group
• 6 were doll quilts

New Starts – 43
• 37 are finished quilts
• 5 are finished tops
• 1 is still being pieced

UFOs – I started 2021 with 17
• 8 were finished
• 9 will carry over into 2022

I will start 2022 with just 15 UFOs!

Knitting and Crochet
• Blankets – 11 made
• Scarves – 1 made
• Hats – 39 made

• 84 quilts
— 19 were group tops that I quilted and bound
— 65 were my quilts
• 20 crochet and knit blankets
• 13 scarves
• 38 hats

2022 Goals
• Keep UFOs to 20 or fewer
• Piece one quilt each month from scraps or leftover strips/strings bins
• Participate in the HeartStrings Precut/Block of the month challenge
• Participate in HeartStrings 365 challenge

I’ll also continue to make blankets, hats, and scarves for donation.


  1. So well you should be pleased Mary, that is some achievement.
    Best wishes to you and your family for 2022

  2. I knew it was a lot but that’s certainly a list to be proud of! And, congratulations of keeping that UFO list tiny with everything else you’ve managed to do this year. You’re such an inspiration and the time you take to share your thoughts and methods are really appreciated. Happy New Year Mary!

  3. Wow you are so productive and are making such a difference in other people’s lives. You should be so proud of yourself. You are such an inspiration to me; I appreciate all the helpful tips you graciously give to your blog readers. I wish you and all of your family a healthy and happy 2022.

  4. You still managed to have a very productive year! I appreciate the patterns, tips and inspiration that you share – I’ve made good use of a few of them!
    Wishing you both a happy and healthy new year!

  5. Wow! You’re amazing. What a blessing you are to those who received your quilts, blankets, hats, and scarves. Here’s to a happy and healthy new year.

  6. Wow! That list is impressive and yet you never give the impression of being a wonder woman. You are so down to earth and likeable.Thank you for being you.
    I too appreciate the patterns, tips and inspiration that you bring to your blog. I love reading your posts and admiring you quilts, hats and blankets.
    Happy new year, Mary!

  7. The world is a warmer place because of you. Thanks for sharing your work. It’s insipring.

  8. you are amazing, and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your pictures and ideas and instructions.

  9. The number of things you produced this year is impressive. What is really amazing is how many things you have donated that will remind the recipient that someone cares. I’ve followed your blog for a long time, but the past two years have really been important to me. Seeing the quilts you’ve made and the hats and blankets you’ve crocheted and knitted, as well as the wildlife footage from around your home, has been a bright spot during the pandemic. It added a little bit of normalcy to an otherwise surreal existence. Thank you Mary. I hope you and your family enjoy a happy and healthy New Year.

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