December was kind of a weird unfocused month for me but I did get through all but one of my goals. (I’d set modest goals for the month because I knew I’d be spending a fair amount of time with family).

My goals for January are also pretty modest. We’re having the entire upstairs of the house painted and it will require a lot of prep work on my part getting things put away and then set back out when they’re done. Luckily, we can just move downstairs for the duration of the painting (they say it will take 3-5 days).

So January’s goals are:

  • Make a Happy Block top
  • Quilt 6 tops
    • bind 3 of them (Mom will bind her own)
  • Make Strips and Strings Log Cabin blocks and assemble top
  • Sort and put leftover fabric back in bins

I also want to make an effort to get in a short walk every day.


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