1. With no winter coverage those deer’s are out in the open – they must be so used to feeding off your land 🙂

  2. For the past couple of months the only wildlife we’ve actually seen in our yard is rabbits. But since it snowed we are seeing the deer tracks. So they must only be visiting in the dark. Our neighbor is a pro photographer and also a “birder”. He has been sharing the most amazing pictures lately of birds and deer that we never see on our side of the driveway. I told him he must be offering better treats in his feeders.

  3. Oh, seeing all those deer did my heart good this morning. It is brutally cold here in Nebraska today. Have been very careful being around people as Covid numbers are really high here again. So, the deer brought me a bit of joy, even though I couldn’t talk to them or hug them❤️❤️💕💕🥰🥰

  4. Such a joy to see your wild life. There was some fun small wild life by my house when I first move in but with more houses coming it’s just the usual birds. Roadrunners, rabbits, quail and hawks were running ramped but not any more. Though a hawk did apparently capture a sparrow recently, evidence of the tiny feathers and the birds staying away until I got the evidence removed. Those feathers were tricky little things.

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