A busy week coming

Yesterday was a sick day … I’d gotten my 2nd Shingles shot on Wednesday afternoon and while I wasn’t feeling terrible, I didn’t feel great either so I rested and read and didn’t do much else. I woke up this morning feeling fine and got to work preparing for the painters who are coming Monday to paint the upstairs. We’ve got a lot of clearing away to prep and we’ll be moving downstairs while they’re working so I made a good start today and we’ll continue working this weekend.

I didn’t sew at all but I finished up kitting 3 more projects for my grab and sew bin for a total of 11. Hopefully it will make it easy to get started on new projects especially when I’m too tired to think about what I want to work on. I also knit a while on my blue scarf. I’ve got a few knit and crochet projects on my list for the month and I need to make some progress on them.

And since I don’t have anything sewing related, I’ll show you how pathetic Finn looked tonight while we were playing Upwords. He gets a “toothbrush” treat when we eat our dinner and he thought we were making him wait too long for it! When he couldn’t convince Keith to get up and give it to him, he laid down right by his chair and waited.


  1. That second shingles shot knocked me on my rear end😱😱. Took me totally by surprise 2 days after the 2nd injection. I had true vertigo and couldn’t get out of bed for about 30 minutes because things were spinning all over the place. I had to REALLY use the bathroom so I probably got up before I should have, and got really nauseous and then got dry heaves. Ugh. Fortunately, those symptoms didn’t last long. It was just a tad scary since I’m by myself now. Don’t have anyone to take care of me. Ack!

    So, hope you will feel back to yourself tomorrow. You don’t have time to be sick!

  2. I had my shingles jab 2 years ago with no side effects. You have to be 70+ to get the free jab in the UK. My daughter got shingles 6 months ago – we didn’t know what it was until a few days later. She had some small spots on her right leg and thigh area and a big pain in her knee. She went to A&E as she could hardly walk – they gave her tablets for the shingles and the pain. It took a while for the pain to go and it recently came back so she’s on the pain killers again. Given the choice, I’d rather have 2 days of discomfort than develop shingles – it’s not nice! Hope you feel better today and never get it Mary.

  3. Oh my daughter got a couple “sickie days” after her shingles shot too…
    Much better than getting the shingles (ask me how I know!!)
    Finn looks very patient ;D
    hugs, Julierose

  4. Poor Finn – waiting is so hard to do. My husband was laid low by his second shingles shot too, but luckily I didn’t have any side effects from either shot. Much better than shingles, which I’ve watched too many friends and relatives suffer from.

  5. I’m getting my 2nd Shingrix shot on the 20th. At least now I’ve been forewarned about side effects. No problem with the 1st. I love the Finn. Such a cutie.

  6. Finn, you are just too funny!!! Despite the wait, I bet you especially enjoyed that treat when it came at the proper time!

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