I’m not sure why I’ve been procrastinating working on these Strips and Strings log cabin blocks but the mess has been sitting out for a month and a half?! Finishing the blocks and assembling the top was the only thing on the list of December goals that did not get done so it moved to January’s list and I worked on them some today. This coming week when the painters are working upstairs, I hope to finish these and get some binding done.

I also got my 30 minute walk in – it was gorgeous – sunny and 38 degrees which was cold but not too bad.

Now I’m going to sit and knit a while!


  1. Lovely photo–I am knitting around 3-4 rounds on my sock per day to save my
    arthritic wrist–but, surprisingly they are coming along okay…
    hugs, Julierose

  2. Don’t beat yourself up about it you are so productive 99% of the time, maybe you just needed a little rest. Remember you did a lot of traveling for your Mom’s birthday and Christmas, that can leave you tired.

  3. Mary- You continue to amaze me with your productivity! Tell the truth now, do you ever sleep? How do you manage to keep your house nice, exercise, take care of family, enjoy the out doors, and animals, keep a marital relationship alive, in addition to your amazing quilting and knitting? I get tired just hearing about all you accomplish in a day, week, month, year! I need a transplant of your energy! : )

  4. Procrastination is the exact title I should use on my blog today. I am trying to put away the Christmas stuff that I’ve procrastinated over. And I keep getting side tracked. Mostly I’m avoiding dragging the tubs of ornaments and stuff down the stairs,

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