After deciding a few years ago that I was going to put a whiteboard above my cutting table I finally did it. And by me … I mean Keith! I typically use sticky notes as I’m cutting to track the sizes I need, the number of blocks, etc but the whiteboard will work much better especially when I’m playing in my scraps. When I’ve got them out on the cutting table I like to cut for more than one quilt so being able to easily see what sizes I need to cut will be great.

I was up early this morning waiting for the painters and had errands to run this afternoon but I did get a few more blocks made. I’ll sew some more later but I’m going to sit with Finn a while. He’s being very good but it makes him nervous to hear all the activity going on upstairs.


  1. One of my favorite jobs, loving on my dog. The white board is a great idea. I put up hooks on one wall to hang all of my different rulers, so I can more easily find them, much better than in a draw.

  2. Got to be careful not to erase too early 🙂 Did you take ‘before’ photo’s of the rooms to be painted?

  3. Love my whiteboard. It’s old enough there is cork on half 😉 I pin ideas and momentoes there.

    I use it in many ways depending on my mood:
    1. List of things I want to do this week
    2. Listing things I have accomplished because I’m in a ‘what strikes the mood’ phase.
    3. Math to figure out stuff

    Last spring, I would take a pic each time I filled the board with items complete. It was fun after a few months to see how much I had accomplished and then simply delete the pics from my phone. 😉

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