This HeartStrings group top sent to me by Sue to quilt and donate is finished. I’ve got one more group top here to quilt and 3 of Mom’s and I’ll get started on quilting them next week.

The painters finished up late this afternoon and I’m thrilled to have them gone! We won’t move back upstairs for a couple days – we’ve got a lot of cleaning, rehanging pictures, and moving furniture back into place to do and that will give the paint smell time to disappear too.


  1. I am glad the painting is done, now to settle back in. Has Finn been upset and confused by all of this? Colors in the quilt are greater and something I would not think of.

  2. Oh wow, I sure do love the color palette on this one! I’m so sensitive to paint that we can only use the noVOC type in our house. But it’s always nice to have a fresh coat of paint in a room.

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