1. I’m thinking that we may go shopping tomorrow rather than Sunday like we normally do. I really don’t expect anything but it is better to be prepared.
    Our son lives by I95 mid Virginia a few days the forecast for this storm was up to 70″! Thankfully now it is more like 3 -4″.
    We used to say “Izzy Wizzy let’s get busy”. So maybe as Izzy passes by I can get some sewing done.

  2. HA! I live in snow country out West and people here are idiots driving on snow and ice. A few weeks ago we had a fresh 5 inches. I went out to do all my errands in one day (this was the first no-ice day). The only vehicles stuck in piles created by snow plows? 4wheel drive rigs. Ridiculous.

    Stay safe. I know you’ll have a good time at home 🙂

  3. We had a big snow storm in our area a couple of weeks ago. I am NOT a fan of snow so I am happy it is gone. East of us though they are still digging out from under it. And to think that a year ago I wanted to move over that way for the second time. What was I thinking!!!! There are times though when it is nice to be snowed in.

  4. I live in N.E. Georgia. I told a blogging friend that we get snow so seldom, that when it does come, everything shuts down. Schools close, businesses, and everything else. I would love to see several inches of pretty snow. But they are calling for ice too. That I don’t like. Stay safe!

  5. i have to chuckle at 4-5″ as a blizzard….nothing like maine! happy that i don’t have to venture out….quick fitness visit tomorrow morning and a couple of last minute items and i’m good til tuesday….hope all fares well with you

  6. You’re smart to follow the advice and hunker down. I love snow days– I always get lots done on those days and I love how quiet and peaceful snow makes everything.

  7. When you say they are using brine to stop the slipperiness, I cringe. There are so many better methods of de-icing the roads that are not so environmentally negative. Salt kills the neighboring vegetation. Might be fine if it kills the Kudzu. glad you are staying put. Be safe, Sew on!

  8. Mary, enjoy the snow days ! i’m over in western NC – where they say we will get 18 to 24 inches – that’s a bit too much !!! yikes.

  9. After yesterday’s winter storm we actually have more ice on roads to deal with than snow. I don’t mind the snow, but that ice under the snow really makes the roads treacherous. We’re supposed to go to our grandson’s wrestling meet at 9:00 but it’s an hour away – IF the roads were actually good, which they are not.

  10. I know, I know, it’s crazy how things can shut down in the South when the weather turns wintry and brings snow, sleet, and ice. I’m so glad you can stay inside and keep busy sewing! Stay safe and stay warm!!!

  11. The south is not prepared for snow. The cost to maintain snow road maintenance would be exorbitant for the relatively few times it snows enough to be problematic. Just pretend it is a snow storm taxing the resources in a northern state and have a glass of wine, a cup of cocoa or whatever. Spend some time in front of the fire just reading or talking and enjoy your time with Keith. Heck that sounds fun.

  12. Hoping we get some pretty snow and no ice here in Kennesaw. Stay safe and warm. Hope your power stays on, too.

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