Beautiful in all seasons

It’s been a while since I’ve been out on my favorite trail – lots of reasons and excuses but today I did two miles along the creek. I love being among the trees even in the winter.

I didn’t get down to the sewing room today but I did knit while watching the Lightning play. After my walk, I spent more time cleaning and reorganizing the upstairs and we moved back up! So happy to have the painting done and to have the house put back together!


  1. I find I enjoy seeing trees in every season, for different reasons. We have a pear tree in our yard that’s very tall and arrow-shaped, and in the winter has a very spooky look I quite like. Birds enjoy our dogwood and mulberry trees in all seasons, but I can’t see them when the trees are fully leafed-out. When those leaves fall, though, any little movement by the birds reveals them and I so enjoy watching them at the feeders. I’d love to have a stream nearby, both for the sight and the lovely sound. Good on you for getting out before the snowfall.

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