Snow Day

I wandered downstairs this morning and puttered around a bit putting things away and straightening up from the last couple projects and debated whether to start a new top … but the snow and windows were calling me so I layered a small doll quilt and sat myself down to hand quilt (using crochet cotton and the big stitch method).

Finn is NOT a fan of snow … so it’s a good thing he wasn’t with us during our Minnesota years!

As I stitched, I watched several deer stroll by but only caught one on camera.

This afternoon Keith and I played some Upwords … again, sitting in front of the windows watching the snow come down. I’ve really missed snow since we left Minneapolis 7 and a half years ago. Now that we’re here in North Georgia permanently, I’m hoping we continue to get some now and then.


  1. You may have more snow there than we do in s.w. Ontario! Definitely a good day to stay in and stitch while you watch the snow.

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