The Map Happy Block top is done. In the past, most of my Happy Blocks quilts have been “I Spy” type quilts with a variety of novelty prints but since I haven’t found the bin with novelty scraps I decided to use just 3 fabrics for these … they are so quick to cut and assemble that I got 3 done this month. Can’t wait to see what Stephanie pulls out of the hat for February.

The Owl and Cat Happy Blocks were 9 inch finished blocks but I went with 10 inch finished blocks on this one. One reason was to give me a larger center block for the maps and the other was that this is more likely a quilt for an older child or adult and it finishes larger at 50 x 70 inches. One nice thing about these blocks is that you can cut your centers and framing strips a variety of different sizes and they all work!

Here’s an example of one of my other scrappier Happy Block quilts.

Instructions can be found on my website at this link

Here’s a version made using Charm Squares for the centers.

Instructions can be found on my website at this link.

And here’s a twisted version. One of these days I’ll do another one of these.

Instructions can be found on my website at this link

Whatever version you choose to make, these are fun quilts to make.


  1. I have cut 3 of these to make, they in the queue to be pieced. I have a few other quilts to piece before them and WIP to machine quilt.

  2. All so cute!! I made this pattern for my son in golf fabrics since he is a golfer. It turned out really nice. Love the pattern and so easy!!

  3. I do love a block pattern that can be made lots of different sizes. I had a couple of fun fabrics set aside to use in 3 yard quilts, but the Happy Block would be ideal too.

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