I finally wove in the last ends of this Linen Stitch blanket that I’d finished about 3 weeks ago.

  • Pattern – came with a Craftsy kit
  • Yarn – LionBrand Mandala Ombre
  • Hook size – I
  • Cast on 140
  • Blanket size is about 37 x 49 and I used 4 skeins

I crochet these as the yarn comes off the skeins … I used to worry that the striping pattern wasn’t the same throughout and would try to break the yarn to start in the same place but I found that when I’d get to a knot in the skein, it would be randomly tied and the sequence wouldn’t continue as before anyway. I’d have up with lots more ends to weave in and there would still be “breaks” in the sequence so now I just work it as it comes.


  1. Another one done. I guess this will be packed away for your huge giveaway next fall. Beautiful! Some very lucky person will becthrilled.

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