Off my needles

I’m working on my 3rd scarf for the month right now … I’m feeling pretty lazy this week and all I want to do is sit and knit but I’m making myself work on the other stuff that needs to get done BEFORE I sit down with the knitting (some quilting, trimming, binding, piecing backings).

This waves scarf isn’t the prettiest but it’s warm so I’m hoping someone will appreciate it. I saw the Caron Big Donut yarn in Michaels and you know I just had to try it. I love knitting this pattern. I’ve made at least 3 of them and already have yarn picked out for another one.

Scarf #2 is not as warm but very pretty. I don’t have a great photo of this one but I’m not going upstairs right to drape it across a blouse. This Be Simple Variation is also a favorite pattern of mine and I’ve knit it many times.

Do you knit? What’s your favorite scarf pattern?


  1. I love the waves pattern. I’ve made myself one in school colors for my alma mater. Toasty warm!

    Happy knitting.

  2. My favorite is “Yowza Shawls”–there are 3 versions and i’ve made them all they are really easy–no counting really…on ravelry..I really like your 3rd shawl: Pattern Be Simple–I downloaded it…thanks hugs, Julierose– Still working on the cuff of my 2nd sock

  3. You are getting a whole lot done by my standards and the most important thing is that you enjoy whatever you do.

    • I use Ravelry often for shawl and shawlette patterns. Currently knitting the Simple Shawl pattern. I think I’ll try the Be Simple one next. Thanks!

  4. I use Ravelry a lot to make small shawls, or shawlette as they are sometimes called. Currently knitting the Simple Shawl pattern. I will try the Be Simple pattern next- thanks!

  5. I knit. On occasion. The problem is that I’m a social knitter and my Knit Group isn’t currently meeting in person. My favorite scarf pattern is probably Spencer’s Scarf by Hilary Latimer or the One Row Lace Scarf by Turvid. I believe my favorite shawl pattern is the Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang by Susan Ashcroft. It also comes in a rectangle version in a separate pattern, but I haven’t knit that one yet.

  6. I love the three yowza shawls but when I don’t have the huge yowza sheins I;ve making the “show off Boomerang” shawl, free on ravelry. SO simple. The last one I made I used Knitpicks Stroll Gradient and when I got to the last color, I did a KFB in every stitch to start a ruffle and then kit to the end.

  7. Love (and have made) both of these! Free on Ravelry: Campside (very heavy, thick and warm); and Concept Summer Shawl (can be light and airy or heavy depending on weight of yarn but even light weight is warm due to size). Free on Knitpicks: Tsidfy Shawlette ( the lace part is so fun that I made one in bright green and immediately made one in lavender.) I look to your blog every day for inspiration- thank you! Kathy

  8. Love your scarves. I have also made several of the Be Simple patterns scarves. So easy to do and to wear!

  9. I don’t knit but it’s so cold here I need one of those scarves. Spring can’t come fast enough.

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