The last one of Mom’s tops is quilted. Pantograph is Feather Flip.

And I got out for a walk afterwards. Temps are dropping and we might get a little sleet or snow later. It will be a good night to sit by the fire and knit!


  1. I always get a warm and happy feeling when I see a picture of you guys smiling and comfortable. I just read yesterday’s post and now your mom’s quilt pops up here beautifully finished.

  2. Beautiful picture. You are such an inspiration for the rest of us to get on the donation bandwagon. I look forward to your postings every single day. Thanks for being you and sharing with your quilting community.

  3. I sure like the colors in your mom’s quilt. Very pretty! Good photo of you and Keith as well. We realized at Christmas that no one had a single photo of Dave and I together taken during 2021. Hmmm – I need to improve my selfie skills I think.

  4. What a great pic of the two of you! The quilt is lovely and I recognize one of the fabrics as a Craftsy one I purchased because it is so pretty. Just got my Innova set up after our move and have found that I prefer quilting without the stitch regulator on. So much smoother and easier to move. Haven’t tried a panto yet but the one you used on your Mom’s quilt looks terrific

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