It’s the weekend

No sewing (yet) … we shopped for furniture this afternoon and bought a sofa and love seat that will “only” take 12 weeks to get if we’re lucky. It’s very similar to what we have here but new, clean, and easier to position more upright for knitting or crocheting or more reclined if I’m just relaxing and watching TV. Most of the time I’ve got some knitting or crochet in my lap so it will be a big improvement.

Tonight we’re watching the Olympics and I’m working on a crochet shell blanket.

Earlier we took a walk with Finn after we got back from furniture shopping. The last couple times we’ve been walking at the Meadows the deer have been out! I love watching them.


  1. Recliners are very important to me. I have dogs who want to be with me while I read or knit or watch TV. Glad you are getting something you like and fits you.

  2. Could you tell us what brand you bought and style. I want to get new chairs and sofa but have not shopped for furniture in 20 years. I also like to do some sort of needlework at night and want a more upright version of comfortable chair. Thanks

  3. I’m glad you found what you like in furniture. I did too. I found it in May, paid for it, then had to go back in to the store and pick new fabric. It was only coming from Tennessee, but I finally got it the week before Christmas. I do like it. I hope your luck is better.

  4. I found a couch and chair I liked that happened to be in stock with the store. I wanted a lighter color and most all of the available to order couches were dark and I wanted a light gray. Looks marvelous. And the top request was the electric raise footrest. The one I had was a 2nd hand from friends, it was very serviceable for 12 years but had gotten so hard to put the footrest down. So a new one was desired and getting to be a must.

  5. We are enjoying the Olympics too! Well, Tetsu watches and I get caught up on the replays later when I know the outcome of the competitions…

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