I was talking to Mom tonight and was trying to explain how far Keith’s brother was going to be from us when he moves up here. Mom used to visit the Atlanta area when my brother lived here and she visited us when we lived in Marietta too. With Keith’s brother moving up from Florida, most of his family will be in this area too.

And in case you were wondering … this is how close we are to the boys. Chris is in Marietta and Adam is in Eatonton, the top circle near Mt Oglethrope is us.


  1. It’s great that your family is somewhat close to each other! I know you’ll enjoy having Keith’s brother/family closer, too.

  2. It’s nice to have family closer to us. I was really happy when Laura’s family moved back to this side of the state from Rapid City. It was a great place to visit them, but I like having them closer.

    My nephew’s oldest son is getting married in March and they are moving to Atlanta in May right after college graduation. The company he will work for does something with software, but I can’t remember what or what company it is. They are very excited about the move.

  3. My niece and her family live in Jasper! It’s almost 3 hours from her home town, but the drive goes quickly. It’s a lovely area. We enjoy the fun festivals in the Fall!

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