A couple hours sewing this afternoon on the blue pinwheels. I love having the tables beside my sewing machine. Let’s me lay everything out within easy reach.

And the pinwheels are done and tomorrow I’ll start the 16 patch blocks.

I guess someone else wanted to sleep with one of Daddy’s old quilts because this showed up in my inbox tonight!

I’m getting close to finishing the shell blanket, another evening or two and it should be done and I finished the green scarf last night but that one will need a light blocking. Tonight, I’m going to start a new scarf … with some beading. I haven’t done any beading for years so we’ll see how it goes.


  1. Your pinwheels are perfect! Do you use your Accuquilt to cut those? I need to learn to use mine more often. Adorable picture of your Granddaughter!

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