I’ve got to make a stronger commitment to walking for my health and unfortunately I’m not able to get out on the trail EVERY day so Keith and I decided we’d get a treadmill. I’d much rather be outside walking but I spend more time awake at night and having the treadmill will allow me to get in a walk even on the days I don’t get to it early enough or on rainy days. Keith will use it too.

I debated where to put it and since I’m not giving up any of my sewing space, we decided it will go in the downstairs guest room where that cot is. It’s the one room that is used less frequently than any other and there’s more than enough room for it.

We bought it today and I’m hoping they’ll get it delivered next week but I don’t have a delivery day yet.


  1. You will love that treadmill–we use ours daily in this wintry weather–[at least tom does, until i can walk enough to use it again!] We have ours set up with a tv viewing spot to help pass the time–in our spare room also…hugs, Julierose

  2. Hope it works wonders for you. I will warn you that I found out that some people with motion sensitivity or dizziness issues cannot use a treadmill because walking without moving confuses the mind and thus balance centers. Yes that is me. If everything is perfect I can walk but if I am the least bit disoriented in about 5 minutes I look like I have been drinking all day. I DON’T GET ON IF I AM DISORIENTED.

  3. We are in the market for a treadmill. How did you decide on this particular one? Any tips for someone just starting out looking? We have a recumbent bike, but I need weight bearing exercise so we are looking into a treadmill for those days when we can’t walk outside. Thanks. Good luck on your exercise journey.

  4. I really enjoy doing the “Walk at home” workouts with Leslie Sansone on youtube. You could give those a try too.

    • I’ve had a problem with dizziness while using a treadmill and now Penny Guglie has solved the mystery for me! I had no idea. Hope you enjoy the added option for exercise. A good solution for night owls. 🙂

  5. That is the exact model treadmill we have had for probably 15 years – we love it. I don’t use it as much as I walk outside – we live in southern MN – by Rochester – and we have walked for 2 miles every morning (except one day in January when the wind was 50 miles an hour, and a blizzard). We don’t mind the cold – we just dress for it, I wear mostly the same thing – with added layers for different levels of cold. Twenty five degrees below zero isn’t a problem – I would rather walk in that than 10 degrees and a 25 mph wind! We’ve had so much wind and more ice than I like and not a lot of snow this winter. But the treadmill is a nice option to have – I put in my earbuds and listen to an audio book and it makes the walk go quicker lol.

  6. I have thought about getting a treadmill but in my tiny Japanese house, there is ABSOLUTELY NO ROOM for it! I end up walking in place while watching TV.

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