Family photos

Mom’s 90th birthday was in December and we were all together for the first time in several years. Kevin did his best to get some good photos for us … hard to get that many people looking good and the light wasn’t the best but I’m happy to have these to remember the day by.

The birthday girl….

…with me and Keith

… with her 6 kids

….and with our spouses.


  1. Terrific family photos! Your mom looks so good!

    We had a big party for my MIL when she turned 80, and she had such a good time although she kind of hated to admit it. LOL But when she turned 90 she just didn’t feel up to a party, although I think almost all of the family was able to visit her.

  2. These are great pictures, Mary. Sadly, I don’t expect all of my siblings to be able to gather again. With brothers in Florida and Oklahoma, and sisters in Indiana and California, we’d all have to travel far, and some of us aren’t up to it. The last time we were all together was at my youngest son’s wedding 4 years ago, and we somehow didn’t get a group picture! We did have a good time and wonderful visit.

  3. What a lovely picture. You are a very handsome family. Your Mom was fortunate that all her children were able to be there. The last time my husband and his sibling were together was August 2018. I saw all my siblings Christmas 2019 before Covid. No group picture was taken either time.

  4. Great pictures and I’m sure wonderful memories. Your mother looks great for 90 and she is still quilting too! Marvelous!!

  5. Beautiful family photos, and family time is the best. If the past couple of years didn’t make us appreciate our families, nothing will. Sorry for your loss, losing a loved one is so hard. Keeping your family in my prayers. Sending hugs. 🥰

  6. What a nice set of photos! How happy your mother must have been to have all her family with her.

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