1. What a beautiful spot to hike! We’ve got a conservation area nearby that looks very much like your area, but it’s not exactly a good spot right now with snow and icy trails. Maybe in April? In the meantime, I’ll get out walking soon again – running errands, going for bloodwork, etc.

  2. I found a week’s worth of your blog in my spam basket again. Plus others. Finally I got one immediately the day you wrote it, yahoo. I’m not much of a walker, but I do enjoy trails. Especially if I can climb some. Your trail looks quite nice.

  3. I understand walking the trails that are maintained for casual walking but the more scenic harder to maintain are my favorite. I am much shorter than Keith which can be an advantage if there aren’t a lot of elevation changes, large roots or just areas requiring big steps. Ducking and weaving are generally more likely here. No matter what I hope you enjoy your walks together.

  4. I’ll go along with you! I’d prefer to hike the paths by the lake, but actually I don’t really enjoy uphill hiking very much. Nice flat land with good scenery is the perfect hike for me!

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