I pieced a back and loaded my Friendship Star and Rails top on the longarm last night but didn’t quilt it because it was stormy. Tonight, I got it quilted. Pantograph is beaded curtain. Hopefully, I’ll get it trimmed and bound tomorrow.

Instructions on my website at this link.

This afternoon I got out for a hike and should have expected the trail to be flooded in places after the storm last night.

I was able to scramble around the flooded parts but coming back I looped around to the Jeep trail. It also had plenty of standing water and mud but there was more room to walk around those spots.

6 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. Love the tunnel! Jumping over puddles sounds like an exploreas Winnie the Pooh would say and I say explores are fun. Love the quilt

  2. Your hiking views are so scenic. We may have one day of spring around here today – before winter comes back. But the only hiking I’ll get done is from the parking lot to the arena doors at the Jackrabbit game this afternoon.

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