One lazy dog!

I’ve told you that I’m on a night schedule … Finn goes to bed with Keith and then comes to bed with me after breakfast … this is him this afternoon after sleeping all night with Keith and half the day with me … he’s still sacked out.

He’ll need to get some running around in later today!


  1. That is my Karlin every day, but at 2 and a half and a heart murmur, I am lucky he is still with us.

  2. He sounds like our cat – sleeps all day until close to 3 – eats and goes back to sleep until we have supper. Lounges around for the evening – but he’s ready for us all to be up at 4 am because he’s hungry!

    • Mary- I love the basket quilt Finn is sleeping on! Lucky dog! Our two dogs keep the same sort of schedule! What a life! We love having them, even though they are lazy!

  3. It has been a while since we owned a dog but they do sleep a lot. Nothing like our cat who seemed to spend most of the day sleeping only rousing to eat, use the litter box and complain about being left alone.

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