This one caused some problems tonight. I went looking for the binding and it wasn’t there. Since it’s a UFO from Sept 2020 and pieced here at Big Canoe, I was sure I’d cut the binding (I do for almost all of my quilts unless it’s really scrappy and then I figure I’ll dig something out when the time comes). I looked in the binding bin and all over the shelves that were here before we moved full time and there was no binding to be found but luckily I was able to find something in the stash. There are brief instructions for this RWB Rail Fence and Friendship Star on my website at this link.

It’s not the best photo, taken at 2:30 am but I’ve gotten very lazy about taking my quilt photos outside since the move. Most of them are finished last at night and I’ve been laying them out on the floor in the downstairs sitting room. I should probably do better. I kind of miss the porch railing at the Tampa house – those photos almost always turned out really well. I’ve taken some here over the back deck railing but the lighting isn’t quite right out there either. I’m probably going to regret not having better photos of them one day.


  1. I definitely would not call this a bad photo compared to what I take. I generally make large full to queen size quilts and they have to go on my bed. Maybe your husband can make you something outside for you to hang your quilts?

  2. It could be worse. You could have sent a special quilt to a special person and found out no pictures were taken. I thought I asked my husband to take them but not so.

  3. What a lovely quilt! Thanks for the pattern – I think this is just what I need for a nephew who is graduating this year.

  4. I think the picture is great. I have gotten so lazy about photographing the quilts I give/donate and then regret it later, especially when it was a new idea or pattern.

  5. Mary, moving is like having a baby. There is a period of adjustment, learning, and recovery. We moved twice in just over 2 years (and gained 2 people who just now were able to move out). 16 months after the second move, I am still “working on it”. Sewing room is set up but keeps getting things tossed in there and having to be reorganized. I’ve now drifted into a closet that has been freed up by our house guests leaving and that is helping with the clutter. My sewing mojo is gone but a recent request for doll quilts from the great nieces may bring it back. Can’t disappoint the “littles”, can I? Cut yourself some slack, you probably have a piece in stash.

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