Fitness challenge

I’ve talked about our family fitness challenge before …. The boys tend to peter out after a couple months and I can be hit and miss too when things get busy but at the beginning of the year we start fresh again.

We create a shared album (iPhone) and share our photos and results of our walks, hikes, workouts. You get to see some of the photos I share but the best are the ones the kids share.

I tried to snap a photo of Keith on our hike today to post to the shared album and he decided he would snap a photo of me.

This is the first year we’re trying to include the kids and their parents get extra points for activities with a kiddie!

Caleb is really into the challenge and is doing great!

Bree goes along on their walks at times but I get the feeling she’s not all that into it.

Rae and Mo are both playing softball now but they also get in walks and hikes.

And they even get their parents out there with them!

I get the benefit of the exercise, the enjoyment of time in the woods … and I get frequent communication with both boys and get to see lots of photos of my little ones. It’s the best challenge ever!


  1. That’s awesome, Mary (but “the boys” aren’t boys anymore and the “little ones” are growing up WAY too fast!!) I’ve been enjoying some walks with DS2 lately. Much better than when it’s just me!

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