The wall

They finished the retaining wall today although they have to come back next week to do a small area on the other side of the driveway that didn’t get done last year and they need to extend that gutter drain away from the house and the wall.

Overall I’m happy with the result and glad that it’s done. It’s hard to believe but it’s almost been 2 years since we bought the house (April 2020). The plan is for this to be our forever home and we’re slowly working our way through the projects we want done. Of course, the plan was for Tampa to be our forever home too but I told Keith this was my last move. We’ll see what the future brings.


  1. I’ve moved a great deal. Other people make something of it but I learned to bend is better than to break. Your wall looks great.

  2. We have been in this house 27 years, it was supposed to be temporary, but with both children and 4 granddaughters now living within 20 minutes of us we are staying here. We also have projects we want to do in the house. Last year we re did the kitchen. The living room, hallway and stairwell needs to be repainted. The living room needs new carpeting and so it goes.

  3. “Forever Home” – – – You two are young yet. Three years ago, we moved to a single-story house, as stairs had become difficult for my knees. Our new location is walking distance to a grocery store, drugstore, bank, and library. Perfect for us seniors in our upper 70’s and upper 80’s.

  4. I suppose this is our forever home too though we’ve thought about trying to find someplace more out of the way… The things that people probably think about when thinking about a forever home is someplace near the rest of their family… but that’s not going to happen in our case so I guess our forever home is the place that is going to be the most convenient…

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