I miss traveling and hope that this year we’ll get back to it but in the meantime I travel through reading. It’s interesting to read about places I’ve never been but it’s also fun reading about places we’ve have visited. I’m reading a book right now and it’s bringing back some wonderful memories.

Our trip in 2009 to South Dakota

And a trip to Napa … where we went up in a hot air balloon! So many great memories and I can’t wait to make more.


  1. I went to see Mt Rushmore in 1952 with my aunt, her best friend, my mom and my brother. My aunt bought her first car. – 1952 Chevy coupe. My aunt and her friend slept on cots outside. My mom slept on the back seat, my brother in the front seat and they put pillows in the floors for me. I remember us gathering firewood so they could cook breakfast over a fire outside. There were no campgrounds then, we just pulled off onto a side area and camped. The men in the gas station said there were snakes but we never saw any. Went to the Corn Palace and saw a rodeo. We had a great time. I was 7 years old. Been back there about 4-5 times since then. It’s a great trip.

  2. I miss traveling so much. We are moving through the years of travel possibility sitting in our home. We have lots of pictures and memories and hopefully soon we will travel again.

  3. I miss traveling too. But I do have a couple of work related trips popping up later in spring. And a wedding in Denver. I can walk to the Corn Palace from my house, and we attend a lot of local events there. We appreciate all the visitors who stop and check it out. This year’s new corn murals celebrate the circus.

    We used to make a couple of trips to the Black Hills to ski every winter, and at least one summer visit too. And we made more frequent visits when our daughter was living in Rapid City and my sister-in-law lived 15 minutes from Mt Rushmore.

  4. Just got back from 2 weeks in St Thomas, the weather was great, but we didn’t as much as we normally would because of Covid. It was nice to get out of the cold in CT. This is our second trip there.

  5. I have never been to Mt. Rushmore and would love to go someday. North by Northwest is one of my favorite movies and I enjoy seeing the mountain up close. They did a great job making the sets look so real. We are in northeast Texas so it would be a trip! 🙂

  6. Oh the Corn Palace, what a hoot! I too have been there and it is quite impressive! Love your quilt, I need to make that pattern too. I’ll put it on the list!

  7. We are sure different in this respect. I absolutely HATE traveling and just thinking about an upcoming trip to the States is sending me into a slump… I like when I get to wherever, but I hate worrying about connecting flights, having the right documents, finding the right loading gates and terminals, getting a rental car etc. etc.

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