Finn’s quilt

Poor Finn, you’d think he’d have his own quilt by now – he’s 5 already – but no. While I’ve given some thought now and then to a quilt for him nothing has been made. Most of the time he’s sitting with me on top of my quilt so it’s not like he’s going without but, when he’s on the sofa without me or if I’m sitting and don’t have a quilt on, I’ve been putting a towel down (he’s a licker). I came across this panel in one of my bins a couple months ago and decided I’d just quilt it up and use it instead of the towel. I guess I thought I’d cut it up and use it in a quilt when I bought it but that probably wasn’t going to happen anyway.

Pantograph is Lush Leaves and I was about halfway through quilting it when I though – why didn’t I just quilt freehand leaves on it? I didn’t even think, just walked in, loaded it, set up the pantograph and started quilting. I really do need to get back do doing some freehand quilting. It’s just that pantographs are so easy and mindless and the quilting spacing is consistent and not too dense that it’s kind of become my default. Not that it’s a bad thing … I just would like to maintain some freehand skills. This is #4 of 10 I want to get quilted before the end of March and our trip to Maine.

I wasn’t sure I’d even get an opportunity to sew or quilt today. I had people here finishing up the stonework on the driveway – they were supposed to come next week … and I was expecting a repairman for the fireplace AND the treadmill was supposed to be delivered too. I can’t hear the door when I’m downstairs working so I’d figured it would be a wasted day but everyone came all in a rush and everything got done. I even had time to do a quick 15 minute walk on the treadmill to try it out. I think I’ll go do another 15 minutes and close that exercise ring on my watch!


  1. you need to get a Ring doorbell. It plays a tone on your phone when somebody rings the bell. We’ve got a really long ranch house and it saves me. It also allows you to speak to and see the the person ringing the bell so you don’t have to race to the door only to see the back end of the UPS truck leaving.

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