Better than a towel

Finn’s panel quilt is done. Not much to it … a purchased panel quilted and bound but it will be much nicer looking in my living room than the towel we use on the loveseat for Finn to sit on. It’s #4 of 10 I want to get quilted by the end of the month.


  1. I bet he’ll LOVE it when he realizes its his quilt. Years ago our smallest yorkie, Bailey, kept getting into my basket of orphan blocks. She never chewed them, just spread them out on the wood floor. Hubby said he thought she was trying to tell me to make her a quilt. I went ahead and make a pink flannel scrappy quilt for her and a blue flannel scrappy quilt for her sister, Molly. Sure enough, Bailey never touched my basket of orphan blocks again. When they crossed the rainbow bridge many years later (a year apart) they were buried wrapped in their quilts.

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